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  • 3T MRI Scanning Technology

  • Scanning Technology

    • Greater accuracy of diagnosis. Optimized image quality plus interpretation by subspecialist fellowship-trained radiologists at Rhode Island Hospital ensure the most accurate and efficient diagnosis.
    • Unlimited imaging potential. In addition to the largest magnet bore available, at 1.5 or 3T, an array of lightweight coils designed to match the patient's anatomy creates a matrix enabling extreme imaging precision and flexibility, from single organ exams to full-body scans. Patients of almost any size can be scanned head to toe, front to back, and side to side in a single pass.
    • Improved contrast enhancement detection. 3T MRI provides near doubling of contrast enhancement detection, enabling the potential for improved lesion detection or reduced contrast volume administration in patients at risk for contrast related morbidity.
    • Increased value in special applications. 3T technology enables more uniform fat suppression that may improve pathology detection in applications involving anatomic sites with high or irregular fat content such as breast and musculoskeletal imaging.