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  • Rhode Island Hospital School of Diagnostic Imaging Radiologic Technology Program

  • Mission, Goals and Objectives

  • Goals and ObjectivesThe mission of the School of Diagnostic Imaging Radiologic Technology Program is to graduate students competent in the art and science of Radiography.

    Goals and Outcomes

    • Students will have entry-level employment skills.
      • Students will be able to position patient accurately for diagnostic radiographic images.
      • Student will be able to practice accurate exposure factors to produce diagnostic radiographs.
      • Students will be able to evaluate radiographic images.
    • Students will have effective communications skills
      • Students will be able to demonstrate age appropriate effective communication skills.
    • Students will be able to critically think to problem solve.
      • Students will be able to perform non-routine radiographic procedures.
      • Students will be able to correct non-diagnostic images.
    • Students will have the skills necessary to provide appropriate patient care and comfort.
      • Students will provide appropriate patient care.
    • Students will be encouraged to value life long learning as a means to achieve personal and professional growth.
      • Students will be able to articulate the benefits of continuing education activities
      • Students will utilize insights gained from Introduction to Advanced Imaging Modalities to promote continued educational growth.
    • The program will provide qualified radiographers to meet the health care needs of the community.
      • The Program will recruit those students who are well prepared to meet the academic challenges of a Radiologic Technology program.
      • The program will graduate students to help fulfill the needs of the surrounding healthcare community.
      • Graduates will be satisfied with the skills learned in the programs.
      • Employers will be satisfied with the practical skills graduates learned from the program.

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