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  • Rhode Island Hospital School of Medical Imaging
    Radiologic Technology Program

  • Technical Standards for Radiologic Technology

  • Physical Standards


    to lift radiographic image plates, grids and films


    • to perform CPR
    • to assist patients who may fall or faint


    to place radiographic image plates on the operating room table


    at least 6 feet from floor to overhead radiographic equipment


    equipment such as overhead tubes, lead-lined doors, portable machines, c-arm units, control panel knobs and buttons


    • patients in wheelchairs and stretchers
    • IV poles and oxygen tanks
    • patients on and off the radiographic table, and in and out of wheelchairs
    • patients who may fall or faint
    Lift and Place patient and film for portable radiography


    for duration of assigned shift


    lead aprons, thyroid shields and lead gloves


    • verbal directions/requests from physicians and patients
    • blood pressure sounds through a stethoscope
    • speed of rotor to take exposure and termination sound
    • signals from CR reader


    • requisitions for information related to images
    • proper position of patients for images
    • proper equipment setup for images
    • proper exposure settings for images
    • motionlessness and respiratory phase of patient


    to communicate in English to staff and patients


    small objects such as knobs and buttons, needles and syringes (venipuncture)

    Mental/Attitudinal Standards

    • Function safely, effectively and calmly under stressful conditions.
    • Maintain composure while managing multiple tasks simultaneously.
    • Prioritize multiple tasks.
    • Exhibit social skills necessary (respect, politeness, tact, collaboration, teamwork and discretion) to interact effectively with patients, families, supervisors and co-workers of the same or different culture.
    • Maintain personal hygiene.