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  • Chung-Ja Cha, PhD

  • Chung-Ja Cha has joined the Emergency Medicine Research Laboratory at its ground stage and continues to work on lubrication of mammalian joints.

    Cha has BSc in chemistry fron Seoul National University, Korea, and BSc in chemistry from University of Utah. She also has a M.Sc in biochemistry from University of Louisville, Ky, and a PhD in biochemistry from University of Wisconsin.

    An emeriti Associate Professor of Brown University, her interest and experiences are intermediary metabolism, oxidative phosphorylation, pre- and post-operative surgical nutrition, perinatal nutrition with diabetic pregnancy, and molecular biology.

    Cha completed her PhD in 1962 at the University of Wisconsin at Madison. She was the first investigator and co-founder of the Department of Surgery research laboratory also based at Rhode Island Hospital.

    Cha has contributed to and established numerous animal models and has published in excess of 80 publications in the biomedical literature.