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  • Following is a listing of published research and related abstracts.

    • The Association Between Friction and Wear in Diarthrodial Joints Lacking Lubricin.Arthritis Rheum 56(11):3662-9, 2007. (abstract)
    • Continuous Non-Invasive Measurement of Pulsus Paradoxus Complements Medical Decision Making of Acute Asthma Severity.Chest 130:754-765, 2006. (abstract)
    • Frictional Properties of Hartley Guinea Pig Knees With and Without Proteolytic Disruption of the Articular Surface. Osteoarth Cartilag 15:309-315, 2007. (abstract)
    • The Role of Lubricin in the Mechanical Behavior of Synovial Fluid. PNAS 104(15):6194-6199, 2007. (abstract)
    • Assuming Exponential Decay by Incorporating Viscous Damping Improves the Prediction of the Coefficient of Friction in Pendulum Tests of Whole Articular Joints. J Eng Med 221 PartH:325-333, 2007. (abstract)
    • Liquid-crystal Materials Find a New Order in Biomedical Applications. Nature Materials 6:929-938, 2007. (abstract)