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  • House Officer's Handbook

  • Table of Contents

    Section A: Graduate Medical Education Organization

    • Statement of Institutional Commitment
    • Organizational Chart and Reporting Structure
    • Graduate Medical Education Administration
    • Graduate Medical Education Committee Members
    • Graduate Medical Education Programs

    Section B: House Officer's Contract

    • House Officer's Contract

    Section C: Professional Liability Insurance Coverage (Malpractice)

    • Lifespan Malpractice Plan
    • Ten Frequently Asked Questions About Malpractice Insurance
    • Verification of Professional Liability Coverage
    • Verification of Comprehensive General Liability Coverage

    Section D: Hospital Policies

    • Affirmative Action
    • Approved Abbreviation Policy/Do Not Use Abbreviation attachment
    • Autopsy Policy
    • Cardiac Arrest Plan - Adult 
    • Cardiac Arrest Plan - Pediatrics
    • Clinical Documentation Clarification 
    •  Confidentiality of Patient Information
    • Disruptive Behavior Policy
    • Documentation in Medical Record by Medical Students
    • Employee Social Media Policy 
    • Ethics Committee
    • Fitness for Duty  
    • Gerry House On-call sleeping facility
    • Guideline for Use of the Electronic Home Meds List, Discharge Instructions and Continuity of Care Form 
    • Hand Hygiene
    • Hospital Parking Regulations
    • Identification Badge Policy
    • Interactions with Industry Representatives (CCMP-46) 
    • Interpreter Services
    • IS Policy 201 - Security Policies for the Lifespan Information Network 
    • IS Policy 204 - Internet/Email Access and Email Usage  
    • IS Policy 209 - Confidential Information - Date Protection Controls
    • Lifespan FMLA Policy - (See also GME Policy)
    • Management of Health Care Worker - Blood or Body Fluid Exposures 
    • Medication Reconciliation across the Continuum of Care
    • Patient Restraint Policy
    • Patients' Rights and Responsibilities
    • Policy regarding Gifts, Entertainment, and Vendor Promotional Training and Travel
    • Professional Appearance Standards
    • Service Standards
    • Sexual Harassment
    • Staff Responsibility for Safety 
    • Substance Abuse/Drug-Free Workplace
    • Tobacco Free Policies
      • Rhode Island Hospital
      • The Miriam Hospital
      • Bradley Hospital
    • TB surveillance
    • Universal Protocol for Procedures Performed Outside the OR 
    • Universal Protocol: Verification of the Patient's Identity, Surgical Procedure and Surgical Site/Side - RIH
    • Universal Protocol: Verification of the Patient's Identity, Surgical Procedure and Surgical Site -TMH
    • Universal Protocol: Perioperative Verification Checklist

    Section E: Graduate Medical Education Policies

    • Accommodation for Residents with Disabilities
      Administrative Support for House Staff in the Event of a Disaster
    • Advanced Cardiac Life Support Certification
    • Cab Reimbursement Program Policy
    • Clerkship Policy for Medical Students
    • Compliance with Annual Employment Requirement 
    • Policy on Compensation
    • Policy on Duty Hours
    • Criteria for Granting Duty Hour Exceptions
    • Policy on Eligibility, Selection, Evaluation, Advancement, Supervision and Due Process for House Officers
    • Institutional Policy Granting H-1 B1Visas
    • Holiday Policy for House Officers
    • House Staff Participation onMedical Staff Committees
    • Policy on Inspection of House Staff Files
    • Leave of Absence Policy
    • Legibility in the Medical Record
    • Physician Behavior Guidelines
    • Policy on Licensure
    • Policy on Maintaining House Staff Files
    • Institutional Policy for Moonlighting Activities
    • Policy for On-Call Meals
    • Policy on Resident Peer Review Evaluation
    • Residency Closure/Reduction
    • Resident Supervision
    • Policy on Restrictive Covenants
    • Vacation Policy for House Officers

    Section F: Support Services and Resources

    • Benefits Overview
    • Bloodborne Pathogen Exposure Control Plan
    • Clinical Social Work/Interpreter Services/Chaplain Services
    • Counseling and Psychological Support Services (Hospital EAP)
    • Diagnostic Imaging Listen Line
    • Do Not Use Abbreviations and Approved Abbreviation Policy
    • Ethics Committee Resources
    • HIPAA/Corporate Compliance Program
    • House Staff Confidential Phone Line
    • Isolation Precautions
    • Legal Counsel/Risk Management
    • Lifespan Intranet Web Site - Site Guide
      • Graduate Medical Education Website
      • Lifespan On-Line Directory
      • Medical Web Page
    • Medical Records Dictation Procedures (RIH & TMH)
    • Pharmacy Services
    • Physician Professionalism and Health
    • Salary and Benefits Summary
    • Terms and Conditions of Employment

    Section G: GME Program Policies, Evaluation and Agreements

    • Program-Related Policies
      1. Curriculum Development Between Departments
      2. Establishment of a Non-ACGME Program
      3. GMEC Expedited Review
      4. GME Requests for Experimentation and Innovation
      5. GMEC Review and Approval of Correspondence from Programs
      6. External Financial Support of Clinical Training Positions
      7. Institutional Review of ACGME Requirements
      8. Internal Review Policy for Rhode Island Hospital and The Miriam Hospital GME Programs
      9. Program Director Responsibilities
      10. Required DIO Signature
      11. GME Visiting Physician Observer Experiences
      12. GME Visiting Resident/Fellow Electives
    • Graduate Medical Education House Officer Training Verification
    • Semi-Annual Evaluation Template
    • NB: Use of the GME House Officer Training Verification is required by all programs. The Semi-Annual Evaluation Template may be customized to each program, but should be printed out for completion every six months and signed by the trainee and Program Director (or designee). Other evaluation templates should be program specific and online in E*Value. All programs must also have evaluations for faculty teaching performance and a program evaluation form(s)
    • Affiliation Agreements
      1. Program Letter of Agreement
      2. Program Letter of Agreement - Consultation
      3. Master Affiliation Agreement
    • Other Materials
      1. Annual Program Evaluation/Brown Metrics Report
      2. Offer Letter template
      3. Remediation letter template
      4. Probation letter template e. Completion of remediation letter template
      5. Completion of remediation letter template

    A more complete listing of Hospital and Lifespan-wide policies and resources may be found on the Lifespan Intranet

    See also Section E - GME Policies