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  • RI Gambling Treatment Program

  • Bob Breen, PhD, Director

  • Bob Breen, PhD, is a licensed clinical psychologist. Breen has been working with compulsive gamblers since 1995 and he has been on the staff of Rhode Island Hospital's department of psychiatry since 2001. He has published numerous articles on the topic and has presented his research at national and international meetings.

    His most well-known work demonstrated the addictive power of video gambling and had been featured in national media outlets, including "60 Minutes." He has testified as an expert witness before numerous states' legislative bodies on the social and psychiatric consequences of the expansion of gambling opportunities.

    "I am extremely proud of the work we've done with gamblers and their family members through the years," says Breen. "Since starting the program in 2001, we have met and worked with more than 1,600 individuals addicted to gambling. Each success story is extremely gratifying, but at the same time, we have only scratched the surface.The general lack of awareness about gambling addiction and the paucity of public funding to treat it makes this an under-diagnosed, stigmatizing disorder."