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  • RI Gambling Treatment Program

  • Group Therapy

  • We currently offer group therapy one evening per week from 6:30 to 8 p.m. Enrollment is limited to about 12 patients per group. Group therapy is only available to patients who are being seen regularly in individual therapy as well.

    Our "beginner's" group is the Gambling Recovery Skills Group. This is a structured group that focuses on a different topic each week for 10 weeks. The group begins with a lecture format each week followed by group discussion of the topic. Groups are limited to pathological gamblers with the exception of the last group, where spouses, partners, parents and others are invited by the group members to discuss issues in a shared group. The topics are:

    • Introduction to the group and to stages of change.
    • Benefits and costs of gambling.
    • Triggers to gambling and gambling cravings.
    • "The Experience Cycle"-thoughts, emotions and impulses to gamble.
    • Leisure activities (developing new leisure skills is important to recovery).
    • Randomness and gambling: Safe@Play® slots tutorial.
    • Cognitive distortions and gambling.
    • Relapse prevention.
    • Open discussion group.
    • Significant others.

    A Word About Gamblers' Anonymous (GA)

    Although we have no formal association with Gamblers' Anonymous (GA), we encourage and recommend that our patients become involved in a 12-step fellowship like GA. The sense of support and community inherent in GA is a valuable tool in recovery.