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    Visiting Patients

    The nurses of Rhode Island Hospital's 6th floor intermediate care unit know that it's hard for friends and family members when a loved one is sick. Below are some answers to common questions about visiting patients:

    When can I visit?
    The 6th floor intermediate care unit is a ten bed open unit. Patients come to our unit to be watched closely by doctors and nurses. Because our patients need intensive nursing care, we have set two times during the day for you to visit your relative:

    • 11 a.m. - 1 p.m.
    • 6 p.m. - 8 p.m.

      Please note that these times are different from regular hospital visiting hours. These times let the doctors and nurses give your family member the care that they need.  The patients in our unit must go through many tests. Sometimes these tests have to take place during visiting hours. When this happens, we will try to let you visit for 30 minutes after the test is finished.

    Who can visit?
    Because we don't want to tire our patients, only immediate family may visit. Our patients' resistance to infection is low due to illness, so children under age 14 are not allowed to visit, as they are more prone to carrying infections. Also, younger children may be apt to get injured around the unit's equipment.

    How many of us can visit at one time?
    We ask that only two family members visit at a time.

    What's a family spokesperson and why do we need one?
    The nurses know that it is hard to be away from your family member when it is not visiting hours. To help with this, we ask that you name a spokesperson for your family and leave that person's name and number with the nurse. We are concerned with patient confidentiality and need to limit the number of people with whom we share information over the phone. We ask that the spokesperson share this information with the family. The number you may use is 401-444-4281.

    What should I do before visiting?
    Before visiting we ask that you stop at the main nursing desk on 6B. Please let the secretary know who you are and whom you are visiting so we can be sure the patient is prepared for a visit. Sometimes you may have to wait a few minutes in the visitors' lounge. You can find the lounge across from the public elevators on the 6th floor. When not visiting, we ask that you stay in this lounge so the halls do not get crowded.

    Who can I talk to if I have a question?
    If you have any questions or problems, feel free to approach any nurse on the unit.