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  • Lisa Cuccio, RN, MSN, NE-BC

  • Nursing Quality Projects Coordinator

    Lisa Cuccio, RN, MSN, NE-BC has had a nursing career that spans over thirty years and has held leadership positions since 1986. Currently she is the project coordinator for numerous initiatives hospital-wide. Her latest project has been to ensure a smooth transition from the previous risk management tool used by the organization to categorize events to the new medical event reporting system that is a statewide initiative and strives to include all personnel within the organization to report events thus ensuring a safer environment for patients and staff. The Miriam Hospital was the first to go live in Rhode Island in July 2010.

    She is also the primary facilitator for the ICU Collaborative. Under her supervision since March 2007 the collaborative has seen significant decrease in catheter-related blood stream infections (BSIs) and ventilator associated pneumonias (VAPs). Since 2006 we have seen a steady and significant decrease in both areas. The Miriam has added a revised oral care protocol for its patients on ventilators, which has contributed to this stunning decrease in VAP over the last calendar year. This was presented as a poster at the Eastern Nursing Research Society Conference in March 2010 and has been accepted for the NDNQI Conference in January 2011. As for BSIs, the Miriam has had no catheter related blood stream infections for seven consecutive months. We have also shown tremendous improvement year over year in this indicator of patient care.

    Cuccio was the primary individual to run the H1N1 response for both The Miriam Hospital and our health service region, the East Bay of Rhode Island. Under her plan and direction we were able to vaccinate more than 4,500 individuals. She is the clinical liaison to the Emergency Preparedness Committee. She runs the emergency drills associated with opening of our Alternate Care Site. This includes participation with our first responders, police, nursing homes and private clinician offices that are located in our health service region. She has been instrumental in updating plans including: the pan flu regional and internal plan, emergency operations plan, and nursing unit safety plans.