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    In March 2015, The Miriam Hospital is applying for re-designation of its Magnet status. Patients, family members, staff, and interested parties who would like to provide comments are encouraged to do so.
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  • Nursing Resource Management

  • The nursing resource management department comprises the offices of staffing and payroll, and management applications that integrate staffing, payroll, and financial management systems.

    The department is responsible for providing support to nursing leadership as it pertains to these areas as well as nursing demographics and budget analysis. The nursing float pool, the inpatient holding units, and the off shift nursing supervisors also fall within the purview of the nursing resource management department.

    The department includes the following:

    • The Director of Nursing Resource Management
      This individual directs the management of the staffing and payroll functions, nursing supervisors, and the nurse manager of float pool, inpatient holding units, and patient flow.
    • The Staffing and Payroll Office
      This office is responsible for providing support to the inpatient nursing units and the emergency department for scheduling, staffing and payroll. Its responsibilities include daily staffing, maintaining scheduling changes using the Onestaff scheduling system and ShiftLinks open shift management system, time and attendance using the online payroll system, maintenance of nursing demographics, and the generation of budget analysis reports for nursing leadership. This office is available Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.
    • The Nursing Supervisors
      The nursing supervisors direct and evaluate nursing care and related activities of the nursing units on the off-shifts and serve as the administrative resource person within the hospital. They plan and direct patient flow, anticipate the need for opening and closing holding units and are responsible for coordinating the daily operational activities required for the holding unit. They adjust shift staffing in accordance with the ANA staffing standards. The nursing supervisor maintains a global perspective of hospital operations.
    • Nurse Manager of Float Pool, Inpatient Holding Units,
      and Patient Flow Coordinator

      This individual manages the staff of the float pool and the 24-hour operations of the holding areas. She is also responsible for patient flow during normal business hours; she works closely with admitting and the emergency department to assure patients are placed quickly and appropriately to the inpatient units and coordinates patient transfers from other hospitals.
    • Float Pool
      The float pool is comprised of the following positions: registered nurse, certified nursing assistants, unit secretaries, and nursing service aides. These resources are deployed either on a shift to shift basis to those areas to cover unplanned sick calls or high census periods, or on a temporary basis to cover vacant care hours on a particular unit. Float pool positions can be full time, part time, or per diem. The float pool has a TAPS RN position which is 48 hours per week and comes with a higher rate of pay, but no accrual of earned time; individuals have the option of health benefits.