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    In March 2015, The Miriam Hospital is applying for re-designation of its Magnet status. Patients, family members, staff, and interested parties who would like to provide comments are encouraged to do so.
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    If you are interested in professional nursing and working with doctors, staff and other nurses in a genuinely collaborative setting, it’s time to investigate a career with The Miriam.
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  • Our Philosophy of Nursing

  • The Focus

    The practice of nursing at The Miriam Hospital is unique and distinguishable from other health professions. While the nurse is unique it is recognized that there are overlapping spheres of practice.

    The nurse is accountable for coordinating the care of the other disciplines within the context of addressing the total needs of the patient. Nursing practices in a collaborative interdisciplinary model with an emphasis on the creation of a caring and therapeutic environment.

    The Patient

    The patient is a human being who has dignity, worth, and the right to quality nursing care delivered safely with competence. The nurse practices with compassion and respect for the uniqueness of every individual with attention to the cultural and ethnic diversity of patients, families and their significant others. Caring practices, advocacy and engagement with the patient and the family unit are integral to attaining the goals of holistic patient care. Caring practices influence the application of the nursing process, nursing actions, and the relationships developed with the patient and family unit. Evidence-based research provides a framework for the practice and science of nursing and is integral to attaining optimal patient outcomes. Nursing theory is used to help guide our practice. Patricia Benner's theory and her key concepts of caring, competence, and the knowledge embedded within expert practice framework for nursing care delivery and are in concert with our goals for the incorporation of research and development of expertise in our profession.

    The Nurse

    The Nurse is a professional who functions autonomously and makes independent clinical decisions based on their knowledge. The nurse incorporates education and information into practice. Nursing practice is predicated upon the nurse's accountability, responsibility, and authority to manage and coordinate patient care within and across the continuum. Nurses engaged in this process are given the necessary knowledge, organizational sanction and support. Nurses at The Miriam Hospital base their practice on the professional standards of The Magnet Recognition Program. Their foundational documents provide direction for professional nursing practice. These standards become the framework to achieve positive patient outcomes for which nurses are responsible. Refinement of nursing practice is based on evidence provided by research, scholarly inquiry, standards and best practices, quality improvement efforts and regulatory requirements.

    The Miriam Hospital

    The organization recognizes that excellent nursing care is contingent upon each nurse's professional responsibility to maintain continual self-learning and enrichment, and pursue professional growth opportunities, including education, professional organization and community involvement. In maintaining the standards of excellence pervasive in the Miriam Hospital's culture, the organization supports the professional in all academic and professional development endeavors.