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  • Patient Care Areas: Diagnostic Imaging

  • The diagnostic imaging department consists of two vascular interventional suites, CT scan, ultrasound and three fluoroscopy rooms. There are a variety of vascular and non-vascular invasive procedures that are performed in the VIR suites such as percutaneous nephrostomy tubes, biliary tubes and tunneled chest tube placements. Venous access devices are also placed, the most common being dialysis catheters, ports and PICC lines. Angioplasty and stenting are also performed in the carotid, renal, femoral, and iliac arteries. The vascular interventionalist also may treat a stroke patient due to blood clot with TPA. In addition there are invasive diagnostic procedures performed in CT scan and ultrasound such as biopsies, paracentesis, thoracentesis and drain placements.

    The  diagnostic imaging nurse provides ongoing assessment during invasive procedures, procedural sedation and instruction on care of any tubes and venous access devices that are placed along with follow up for routine changes and or problems that may arise. The nursing hours of operation are Monday to Friday, 8 to 4:30, excluding holidays and weekends, with 24 hour on-call services for emergencies.