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    In March 2015, The Miriam Hospital is applying for re-designation of its Magnet status. Patients, family members, staff, and interested parties who would like to provide comments are encouraged to do so.
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    If you are interested in professional nursing and working with doctors, staff and other nurses in a genuinely collaborative setting, it’s time to investigate a career with The Miriam.
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  • Shared Governance

  • The Miriam Hospital Nursing Structure 


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    Shared governance is our model of Nursing where our nurses control their practice as well as influence administrative areas. Leadership and staff nurses are active in all committee and councils.

    • Nursing Executive Council
      The executive branch of nursing is represented by the Nursing Executive Council (NEC). NEC is chaired by the chief nursing officer. The nurse managers and staff nurses rotate their membership.
    • Nursing Quality Council
      The purpose of the Nursing Quality Council is to review and analyze departmental and organizational quality data and information; and discuss and recommend actions or changes in process and structure that will improve outcomes. A collaborative, multi-disciplinary nursing approach will be utilized.
    • Nursing Safety Council
      The Nursing Safety Council facilitates the development of an effective nursing care delivery system that promotes a culture of safety. The Nursing Safety Council works in alignment with the hospital's patient safety committee.
    • Evidence-Based Practice Council
      The Evidence-Based Practice Council will review, revise and communicate standards of practice in nursing at The Miriam Hospital based on current and emerging scientific research. This work includes research and analysis of new clinical practice, new products, and communicating revisions and recommendations based on evidence based literature.
    • Clinical Informatics Council
      The purpose of the Clinical Informatics Council is to improve patient care and the work environment of the nurse through clinical informatics.
    • Professional Development Council
      The Professional Development Practice Council exists to provide staff nurse input into the development of learning programs that promote clinical nursing expertise and nursing leadership.
    • Nursing Leadership Council
      The purpose of the Nursing Leadership Council is to provide leadership development, coaching and mentoring to the existing leadership team and identify, coach and mentor potential new leaders for ongoing succession planning.
    • Advanced Practice Registered Nurse Council (APRN)
      The APRN council works to promote and integrate advanced practice nursing at The Miriam Hospital while providing leadership and mentoring to nurses throughout the hospital.
    • Unit Council Steering (UCS)
      UCS promotes direct care nursing in patient outcomes, decision-making, control over professional practice and delivery of quality care.