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  • Current Research

    • Evaluation of Nurse Residency Program
      C. Lamoureux, MS, RN and J. Fedo, MS, RN
    • An Interdisciplinary Intervention to Prevent Falls in Hospitalized Older Adults
      C. Padula, PhD, RN; C. Disano, RN; C. Ruggiero, RN; B. Forloney, RN; M. Carpentier, RN; and C. Hughes, RN
    • Breast Navigator Program: Barriers, enhancers, and nursing interventions
      C. Padula, PhD, RN and S. Korber, RN, MS
    • Use of .12% Chlorhexidine for Prevention of VAP in Critical Care
      C. Padula, PhD, RN and L. Cuccio, RN, MS
    • NLRN Unit Socialization Research
      C. Padula, PhD, RN and M. Kramer, PhD, RN
    • The Impact of Nursing Unit Design on Staff and Patients at The Miriam Hospital
      C. Padula, PhD, RN; N. Watkins, PhD; and M. Kennedy, MS, RN
    • The Current State of Preceptorship in Massachusetts Organization of Nurse Executives Member Organizations
      C. Lamoureux, MS, RN and J. Fedo, MS, RN
    • Defining Vital in Vital Signs and Patient Surveillance: Developing a Decision Tree to Guide Nursing Observations and Clinical Decision Making for the Management of Post-Surgical Patients
      J. Brier, MS, RN CV CNS-BC; C. Padula, PhD, RN; M.Haverly, RN; M Januario RNP; K. Joost, RN; J. Gordon-Reznar, RN; L. Nygaal, RN; and C. Hughes, RN
    • NDNQI RN Satisfaction and Quality Indicators
      A. Creta, MS, RN
    • Does an Educational Module Tailored to Learning Needs Improve Nurses' Knowledge of Diabetes Mellitus?
      J. Engvall, MS, RN and S. Desrocher, BSN, RN
    • Delirium Assessment tools
      B. Forloney, MS, RN, GCNS and E. Baillargeon, BSN, RN
    • PICC Clotting
      L. Nygaarrd, BSN, RN
    • Breast Cancer Registry Treatment Plan
          R. Strenger, MD and S. Korber, RN, MS