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    The Ocean State Clinical Coordinating Center (OSCCC) specializes in designing and implementing clinical trials of novel agents, diagnostics and devices to confront medical issues related to critical care, infectious diseases and biological defense. The OSCCC comprises experts in critical care, infectious disease and pulmonary medicine who provide both administrative and clinical support for the hundreds of study sites involved in our trials.

    Our office is located on the campus of Rhode Island Hospital, allowing OSCCC staff immediate access to the resources only an academic medical center can offer. All facets of the OSCCC are housed in this office. Through a coordinated telecommunications system, the center enables study sites to contact OSCCC physicians 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. An OSCCC physician approves every clinical trial subject, resulting in the highest level of enrollment consistency and protocol execution accuracy.


    Rhode Island Hospital and Brown Medical School share a long history of excellence in critical care and infectious disease research. Together, researchers from these two esteemed institutions have made significant advances in understanding such life-threatening illnesses as sepsis and acute respiratory distress syndrome.

    The idea of creating a coordinating center at Rhode Island Hospital was obvious for Mitchell Levy, MD, and Steven Opal, MD, both leading clinical investigators and professors of medicine at Brown Medical School.