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  • Russell McCulloh, MD

  • Russell McCullohRussell McCulloh, MD, is an infectious diseases fellow at Rhode Island Hospital.

    McCulloh has written and published on such topics as drug induced suppression of the immune system, cryptococcus gattii genotype VGI infection, pandemic influenza A and other virus in patients hospitalized with respiratory illness.

    McCulloh completed his undergraduate and medical degree from the University of Missouri. He completed his residency at University of Missouri Healthcare in internal medicine-pediatrics. McCulloh is completing an infectious disease fellowship in pediatrics and adults at Lifespan / Brown University.

    Published Research  

    • Opal, S., and McCulloh, R. “Drug-Induced Suppression of the Immune System” (Book Chapter). From: Oxford Textbook of Critical Care. (in press).
    • McCulloh, R., Smitherman, S., Adelsky, S., Congdon, M., Librizzi, J., Koehn, K., Alverson, B. “Hospitalist and non-Hospitalist Adherence to Evidence-Based Quality Metrics for Bronchiolitis.” Hospital Pediatrics 2012, 2(1): 21-25.
    • McCulloh, R., Alverson, B. “Illustrative Case: Lymphadenitis.” Hospital Pediatrics 2011, 1(1): 52-54.
    • McCulloh, R., Phillips, R., Perfect, J., et. al. “Cryptococcus gattii genotype VGI infection in New England.” Pediatric Infectious Diseases Journal. 2011, Dec; 30(12): 1111-4
    • Chan, P.; Mermel, L.; Andrea, S.; McCulloh, R.; et. al. “Distinguishing characteristics between pandemic 2009-2010 influenza A (H1N1) and other viruses in patients hospitalized with respiratory illness.” PLoS One. 2011;6(9):e24734. Epub 2011 Sep 16.