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  • Hasbro Children's Hospital Parents' Guide: Relieving Your Child's Pain

  • Helping Us Understand Your Child's Pain

  • Our doctors, nurses, pharmacists, social workers, psychologists, child life specialists, physical therapists and occupational therapists work as a team to treat your child's pain and make your child as comfortable as possible.

    Sometimes it is difficult for a child to express pain. You know your child best and can help to identify how your child expresses pain or discomfort.

    The staff caring for your child may ask you the following questions:

    • What word or sound does your child use to describe pain?
    • To whom does your child communicate their pain?
    • How do you know your child is in pain?
    • What treatments have helped to relieve your child's pain?

    Please let us know if you think the pain treatment is not relieving your child's pain.