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  • Along with highly specialized medical and nursing care, the children of the pediatric partial program get the benefit of an intensive, family-centered, multi-disciplinary care plan that creates a safe, healing environment that is individualized to each child.

    How the Program Works

    At any given time there is a maximum of 16 children enrolled in the program. They are divided into two groups:

    • Each child spends an average of three to five weeks in the program.
    • During that time, he or she arrives every day, Monday through Friday, at 7:30 a.m. and leaves at 3 p.m. More about our program schedule.
    • Each child is medically evaluated daily.
    • Breakfast, lunch and snacks are served.
    • Each child spends a portion of the day in school, in peer support therapy, in individual therapy and in family therapy.
    • Each child's personal care plan is regularly adjusted to reflect changes in his or her condition.