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  • The Team

  • We are the medical professionals who, together with parents, create a healing environment for children. Each child in the Hasbro Children's Hospital Partial Hospital Program (HCPHP) has a team of people to help achieve his or her goals. The team members vary from child to child depending on individual needs.

    Together, we make up a therapeutic community consisting of:

    • Parents and caregivers: The most important members of the team are the parents or caregivers responsible for the child in the home environment. No major decisions are made in the treatment of any child without the participation of these crucial team leaders. More about family involvement.
    • The referring physician: Most of the time children enter the program under the care of a pediatrician or subspecialty physician who knows a great deal about what the child needs. Often, diagnostic tests and treatment efforts made by the referring physician determine the direction treatment takes once a child comes to the program. Referring physicians may come in for consultation meetings. In all cases they remain an active part of the treatment team. More about medical assessment and care.
    • The HCPHP pediatric staff: Our three pediatricians share responsibility for the medical care of all the children in the program. A pediatrician is available to assess medical symptoms and prescribe treatment throughout the day. Unlike ordinary school, the day a child is feeling most ill is the best time to attend the program. This gives the attending pediatrician an opportunity to evaluate the child's symptoms, diagnose the condition and start treatment.
    • The medical nursing staff: HCPHP nurses average more than 20 years of experience treating children in a hospital setting. Each child's day begins with a nursing assessment. A nurse seldom is more than a few feet away from the child throughout the day. Nurses contribute by providing continuous medical monitoring and carrying out treatment decided upon by the team.
    • Milieu therapists: The milieu therapists are college-educated behavior specialists who maintain an environment that promotes health. Children and teens benefit as much from each other within this environment as they do from other aspects of the program. The milieu therapists help maintain the emphasis on making healthy choices and in the process manage to make sure everyone has fun. More about milieu therapy.
    • Teachers: The teachers' role on the team is to asses how children with significant medical problems function in a structured school environment. They provide information that is helpful to families, neighborhood schools and medical treatment personnel. Our teachers are certified elementary or secondary school educators with a world of experience motivating children with special schooling needs. Much of their contribution comes from communicating with the teachers and guidance staff from the schools that the HCPHP patients attend. More about school.
    • Nutrition staff: The team includes a full-time nutritionist and a full-time nutrition technician. Healthy eating is the goal for all children and teens admitted to the program. Some children have specified issues around food and eating, such as children with diabetes, food allergies or eating disorders. Other children may have developed unhealthy eating habits and can benefit from nutrition education. More about nutrition.
    • Clinical staff: Each child is assigned a primary clinican who coordinates the efforts of the family to bring the child's illness under better management. Clinicians are trained as:
      • child psychiatrists
      • child psychologists
      • licensed clinical social workers
      • psychiatric clinical nurse specialists

    Each staff member brings a special perspective to the team, but all function together to help the family take back control of the illness and promote a new, healthy adaptation that benefits the child and his or her whole family.