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  • Space

  • The clinic is a warm, welcoming space that aims to put patients and their families at ease. The space is decorated with calming colors meant to evoke the ocean.

    Exam rooms

    The clinic has 7 private exam rooms, each accented by one of three beach colors: green to represent sea grass, yellow to represent sand and light blue to represent the ocean. In the yellow rooms, tiles made 15 years ago by Rhode Island children for the Circle of Clay art program are incorporated into the walls.

    Each room features a TV and DVD player for the patients, as well as computers for physician and staff convenience. There is a positive-pressure room for immune-compromised patients in which an air filtration system prevents air from outside of the room from getting in. There is also a negative-pressure room to prevent the spread of communicable disease.

    Additionally, there is a physician consultation room, a nurses' office for case management and nutrition information, a medication room where nurses can prepare IV medicine from the pharmacy, a weight station and a phlebotomy room so that children needing a phlebotomist can remain in-house.

    Infusion bays

    The clinic offers four infusion bays for children who require or prefer a private setting while receiving treatment. Each bay is furnished with a large recliner, TV and DVD player. For children receiving long duration treatment, the bays can be converted to semi-private spaces to allow for both privacy and socialization.


    The new playroom has tables of different sizes to accommodate the needs of children, no matter their age. For teenagers, there is a space with couches and video games. The playroom is supervised by Child Life Services, the department that coordinates actives such as pet therapy and clown care. Healing Arts provides activities as well, and there is a sink dedicated to arts clean-up.

    Nurses' Station

    The nurses' station is centrally placed to allow the staff easy access to both the infusion room and playroom. In keeping with the beach theme, the station is carved like a traditional fishing boat.

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