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  • Newport Hospital Rights of Children

    1. I will be respected by all who care for me.
    2. I know my doctor and my doctor knows me.
    3. The doctors and nurses who are taking care of me will introduce themselves before doing any tests.
    4. I may ask my nurse or doctor why I need special testing. It will be explained to me how the tests will help me to get better.
    5. My parents or guardian will speak on my behalf when decisions must be made about my care.
    6. My parents or guardian will be given information about how treatments will help me. This will help us make decisions about the treatment that will be best for me.
    7. My hospital stay will not be discussed with anyone except my parents or guardian, my doctors, nurses and me.
    8. If my doctor feels I need to go to a different hospital for medical care, he will explain to my parents and me why it would be best for me to go to another hospital.
    9. I will be treated fairly during my hospital stay. My nurses and doctors will take care of me. My race, color, religion, any disability I may have, whether I am a boy or girl, my national origin or amount of money my family has, will not interfere with my care.
    10. My nurses and doctors will make sure that I am safe during my hospital stay. I will be taught how to correctly use hospital equipment and how to call for my nurse if I need help or have any questions.

    Remember, if you have any questions concerning your child's hospitalization please feel free to ask your pediatrician or one of the pediatric nurses.

    For more information about pediatric services at Newport Hospital, please call 401-845-1710.