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  • What safety measures are in place at Newport Hospital?

    1. If your child is between the ages of nine months and four years (or can pull themselves up to a standing position) they will be placed in a specially designed crib for their safety. The cribs in the pediatric department are much higher than the cribs at home. Therefore the crib side rails must be in the full upright position and the protective vinyl sides in proper position when in use. Nursing personnel will assist you in demonstrating how to use the cribs.
    2. A colorful, well-equipped playroom is located on the pediatric unit. Children are welcome to use the playroom under the supervision of their parents or guardian. If you choose to bring the toys back to your child's room please leave them in the room so that environmental services can properly clean them before other children use them.
    3. To protect you and your child from other illnesses please refrain from visiting other hospitalized children unless you first check with the nurse.
    4. A security system has been adopted by Newport Hospital for all children younger than seven years. A sensor will be placed on your child's bracelet upon admission. The sensor is programmed to alarm when your child nears the exit doors.

    Remember, if you have any questions concerning your child's hospitalization please feel free to ask your pediatrician or one of the pediatric nurses. For more information about pediatric services at Newport Hospital, please call 401-845-1710.

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