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  • When may I visit?

  • Visiting is a very important to a patient; it is often the highlight of their day. Nothing is more reassuring than a visit from family and friends. Newport Hospital also offers a Rooming-In Program for parents and guardians.

    • The regular visiting hours are from 2 to 8 p.m. and two visitors are allowed at a time.
    • Children younger than 12 years are generally not encouraged to visit patients, but special arrangements can be made for siblings or young friends. Please ask the nurse about these options.
    • While in the hospital children need the security of seeing their parents as often as possible. Explain to your child that you must leave for a short time but let them know when you expect to return and try to keep your promise. Reassure your child that the nursing staff will be there if they need assistance.
    • During your absence feel free to call for an update on your child's status.
    • Parents may find their child becomes more "clinging" during the hospital stay and may exhibit extreme modesty. He or she might temporarily forget recently learned skills and may seem to regress a little or have a shorter attention span. This may be your child's' normal reaction to the unfamiliar surroundings and experiences.
    • Occasionally we may ask you or a visitor to leave your child's room during certain tests or treatments. Immediately following the procedure you are encouraged to return to your child's side.

    Roominq-In Program

    We wish to do everything possible to minimize both your child's and your concerns about his or her hospitalization. We offer a rooming-in program that encourages either a parent or legal guardian to remain with the child for a portion of or the entire hospital stay. It also allows for active participation by parents in the child's physical and emotional care.

    Parents are encouraged to assist with certain procedures, such as feeding, bathing and diapering. Parents and guardians are welcome to participate either in a portion or all of their child's stay.

    Remember, if you have any questions concerning your child's hospitalization please feel free to ask your pediatrician or one of the pediatric nurses. For more information about pediatric services at Newport Hospital, please call 401-845-1710.

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