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  • MACS-lift

  • MACS-Lift stands for Minimal Access Cranial Suspension-Lift. The procedure is characterized by short incisions, limited skin undermining and suture suspension of the deep tissues of the face, and provides rejuvenation with shorter operative time, quicker recovery, and less potential for complications compared with traditional face lifts.

    How does a MACS-lift differ from a regular facelift?

    The scar is shorter-just in front of the ear; and the method of lifting the face is different.

    How is the face lifted in the MACS-lift?

    Strong sutures are used to suspend the deep tissues of the face (the "SMAS") from firm points near the ear and forehead.

    Why is this better?

    The operation is done through a shorter scar, so less dissection is required and therefore less risk of bleeding and other problems associated with lifting the skin from the face. And the suspension technique is a more direct and simple way of lifting the deep tissues, also requiring less dissection and thus less risky. It also takes less time to recover from and we feel gives a more natural result.

    Does it last as long as a traditional facelift?

    The MACS-lift has been done for 10 years in Europe and seems to last very well. Lee Edstrom, MD, surgeon-in-chief at Rhode Island Hosptial has been performing it for over 5 years and has been very happy with its longevity.

    How long does it take to recover from a MACS-lift?

    Most patients can get back to social obligations within 10 days to three weeks. Of course some signs of surgery are still present at three or four weeks, and a final result after this type of surgery is not seen for four to six months.

    Which patients should not have a MACS-lift?

    Some patients with extremely wrinkled and redundant neck skin can benefit from the more extensive incision and dissection behind the ear, but even they will have a nice improvement and very natural looking result with a MACS-lift.