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  • Samuels Sinclair Dental Center
    Joseph S. Sinclair General Practice Residency Education Program

  • Reach Your Goals

  • The goals and objectives of the general practice residency program are:

    • To graduate residents competent and proficient in providing all phases of dentistry and emergency oral health care to all groups of patients.

    • To develop the residents' skills and enable them to gain experiences in the dental management of medically compromised patients.

    • To enable the residents to participate in a multi-disciplinary approach to oral care by functioning effectively within the hospital and other clinical settings.

    • To expand the residents' knowledge and experience in providing total dental rehabilitation to special needs children and adult patients with intellectual disabilities and/or developmental disabilities.

    • To provide the residents with training in sedation, pain and anxiety control, medical risk assessment and treatment of medical emergencies.

    • To give residents the opportunity to participate in public health initiatives, community services and advocacy on the local and state levels.