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  • Meet SimBaby

  • Sim BabySimBaby™ represents a six-month-old infant, and is designed to prepare trainees for the challenges of pediatric airway management and other emergency medical and critical care scenarios specific to infants.

    SimBaby's features:

    • Spontaneous respirations, with visible chest excursion, controllable rate, depth, regularity and work of breathing
    • Normal and abnormal breath sounds, including wheezing, rales and stridor
    • A dynamically adjustable airway which supports endotracheal intubation, bag-mask ventilation, laryngeal mask airway placement, tongue swelling and simulation of an unable to intubate scenario
    • Allows invasive procedures such as intraosseous needle insertion, as well as needle and tube thoracostomy placement for pneumothorax
    • Radial, brachial and femoral pulses which are synchronous with the ECG and match systolic blood pressure
    • Supports CPR, defibrillation and electrical cardioversion
    • Multiple IV training sites, with simulated flashback upon cannulation and the ability to administer medications
    • Vocalizations, including grunting, coughing and crying
    • Vital signs, including HR, RR, BP and oxygen saturation, are displayed on a realistic appearing monitor screen at patient bedside