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  • Meet Our Teams

  • Lauren Pond, RN
    Director of Case Management and Clinical Social Work

    Adult Division

    Camille Gregorian, LICSW
    Clinical manager, adult division

    Adult Oncology

    • Susan Garland, LICSW
    • Diane Passantino, LICSW
    • Kelly Mitchell, BSW
      (Social Work Coordinator)

    Emergency Department
    (RIH and HCH)

    • Full-time staff:
      • Melissa Conroy, LCSW
      • Lisa Landry, LCSW 
    • Part-time staff:
      • Richmond Flowers, LCSW
      • Dale Folan, LCSW
      • Jessica Hornig, LCSW
      • Laura Linback, LICSW 
      • Christopher Morgan, LICSW
      • William Pellicio, LICSW
      • Jill Sabatine, LICSW 

    Med Surg Trauma

    • Cheryl Del Padre, LICSW 
    • Carolyn Choquette, LCSW
    • Ashley Diniz, LCSW
    • Sotannary In, LCSW
    • Nicole Lescarbeau, LCSW
    • Karen Barile Lyons, LICSW
    • Darlene Maggiolo, LCSW
    • Courtney McGair, LICSW
    • Nicole Morin, LICSW
    • Katherine Richard, LICSW
    • Ashley Robbins, LCSW 
    • Lisa Yanku, LICSW


    • Chantal Brown, LCSW
    • Jennifer Caffrey, LCSW
    •  Toni-lee Carreiras, LCSW
    • Carole Collins, LICSW
    • Tarrah Parkman, LICSW
    • Kelly Rabbit, (Social Work
    • Sara Natalizia, BSW
      (Social Work Coordinator)


    • Mary Buckley, LICSW
    • Sheila Cardente-Capece, LICSW
    • Vilna Peralta, LCSW 
    • Amanda Zimmer, LCSW

    Pediatric Division

    Fred Barbosa, LICSW
    Clinical manager, pediatric division

    Ambulatory Clinics

    • Kathryn Cooney, LICSW

    Child Protection

    • Jane Ferguson, LICSW

    Early Intervention Program

    • Rachel Sullivan, LICSW

    Eating Disorders

    • Alison Hall, LCSW

    Hemophilia Center

    • Virginia Cerbo, LICSW

    Pediatric Gastroenterology

    • Lyndsay LaRocca, LCSW

    Pediatric General Inpatient

    • Christy Bradley, LCSW

    Pediatric Oncology

    • Stephanie Freeman, LICSW
    • Sarah Moran, LCSW 
    • Rachel Rogovin, LCSW

    Pediatric Partial Hospital

    • Lynn Pascale, LICSW

    Sickle Cell

    • Cheryl Faucher, BSW
      (Social Work Coordinator)
    • Lyndsay LaRocca, LCSW