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  • Rhode Island Hospital Division of Organ Transplantation

  • About the Center

  • Initiated in 1997, the Kidney Transplant Center at Rhode Island Hospital, a major teaching hospital of Brown University Medical School, has rapidly become recognized as one of the most advanced in New England, with a success rate and a standard of patient care second to none.

    We have assembled one of the most skilled and experienced teams of transplant surgeons, nephrologists, and related specialists in the nation. Equally important, we have created a uniquely personalized and caring environment for patients undergoing transplantation. Our transplant team emphasizes close consultation and cooperation with referring nephrologists and primary care physicians of transplant patient candidates as they progress from the initial evaluation, transplant work-up, surgical transplantation and every step of postoperative care and management.

    In addition, the Rhode Island Hospital transplant team has moved quickly to the forefront of clinical research in newer, more effective immunosuppressive agents and reduced immunosuppression protocols - research that improves transplant success, reduces the likelihood of rejection and enhances quality of life.