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  • Melanoma Program

  • A Multidisciplinary, Team-Based Approach

    More than 50,000 new cases of melanoma are diagnosed each year. Fortunately, most patients are evaluated and diagnosed in the early stages and are treated quickly and successfully. Because skin cancer is the most common type of cancer in the United States and melanoma is the most serious form, it is imperative that suspicious areas on a patient's skin be assessed by specialists who are experienced in identifying possible melanoma.

    We're focused on our patients

    At the Comprehensive Cancer Center melanoma program, the focus is on the patient from the first visit. The most experienced melanoma specialists in the area provide individualized assessment, develop a plan of care specifically for each patient, and determine and provide the best possible treatment.

    Making an appointment

    Patients may call for an appointment or may be referred by their own primary care physician, dermatologist or other specialist. We accept most insurance plans and participate in many health maintenance organizations and preferred provider plans.

    For more information or to make a referral or appointment, please call our toll-free number: 1-866-401-0002.