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  • Stress Management Tips

    • Making little changes in your life can really add up to a big feeling of relief.
    • Learn to recognize when you are feeling stressed and simple ways you can relax.
    • Take a break. Have a cold drink, get some fresh air, or close your eyes for a minute to refocus.
    • Stay positive to help friends and family cope with stress.
    • Let others know you're feeling overwhelmed and tell them how they can help.
    • Allow yourself to simply say "no" to friends and family when you know you cannot meet their demands without becoming overwhelmed.  
    • Be prepared for unexpected problems such as traffic, a lost pet or a family emergency.
    • Prioritize. Take control of your "to do" list by deciding what's really most important on your list.
    • Write down feelings of sadness, frustration or anger to get a clearer perspective of your emotions.
    • Enjoy life's simple pleasures like colorful flowers, dancing  and candlelit dinners.
    • Share your talents to better the lives of others as well as your sense of well-being. 

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