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  • pediatric pre-opBefore Surgery

    The day before your child's surgery, you will receive a phone call between 1 and 3 p.m. to be notified of your arrival time. For purposes of confirmation and privacy, we will need to speak directly to a parent/caregiver. If you do not receive a phone call by 3 p.m.or will not be home to receive this call, please contact us directly at 401-444-6887.

    It is important to notify us before the day of surgery if your child has to be isolated in a room by his/herself during a visit to the hospital. Having this information will allow us to provide the best possible care plan for your child.

    Eating and Drinking Instructions

    • No solids, milk products, candy or gum after 12 a.m. on the day of surgery.
    • Clear fluids may be given up until two hours before arrival time. This includes water, apple juice, ginger-ale, pedialyte, kool-aid, clear broth and Jello or popsicles without fruit pieces.
    • Breast milk is permitted up to four hours before arrival time.
    • formula is permitted up to six hours before arrival time.

    The Day of Surgery

    Please bring the following with you on the day of surgery:

    • A completed anesthesia questionnaire.
    • A completed communicable disease/immunization history form.
      (An immunization history form may be faxed to us ITom your pediatrician;
      The fax numbers is (401) 444 -7561 or bring your child's immunization
      book and we will make a copy.)
    • If applicable, your child's blue transfusion services type and cross match card

    On the day of surgery, you will need to first report to the Hasbro Children's admitting office, room 61, located on the ground floor of our building. You will be directed to report to the surgical services desk, Room 210, located on the second floor.

    If your child is sick, has a rash in the surgical site or has been exposed to any communicable diseases, such as chicken pox, tuberculosis, MRSA or VRE please notify us before reporting for surgery

    If you have any questions or concerns, please call 401-444-6030.