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  • Take a Breath

  • Who wouldn't choose relaxation over stress? Research proves that being in a state of relaxation slows the heart rate, decreases oxygen consumption and lowers the level of blood lactate, an indication of lessened anxiety.

    Reduce stress without medication, mood music or a massage therapist. Learning to relax is easier that you think. Just follow the technique below and see for yourself.

    • Sit comfortably in a quiet place and close your eyes.
    • Relax your muscles.
    • Breathe naturally through your nose. Silently repeat a word (or sound) with each exhalation. 
    • When distracting thoughts enter your mind, let them go and concentrate on your breathing.
    • Continue for 10 to 20 minutes. Open your eyes and gradually stand up.

    Try this technique in the morning and before bedtime. The more you practice, the longer you will be able to stay focused, enjoy the calming benefits and reduce tension in your daily life. 

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