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  • Advanced Diagnosis

  • Positron Emission TomographyUsing the most advanced imaging equipment, the Comprehensive Cancer Center provides fast, accurate diagnoses for our patients.

    Computed tomography (CT) produces cross-sectional images of the body using x-rays and a computer. CT scans are frequently used to evaluate the brain, neck, spine, abdomen, chest, pelvis and sinuses.

    Digital mammography produces images of the breast through computerization rather than x-ray film, providing results that are clear and easy to read. The Comprehensive Cancer Center is the state's first facility to offer digital mammography. The Comprehensive Cancer Center was the first in Rhode Island to offer stereotactic breast biopsy , a noninvasive, precise method of obtaining the tissue sample required for diagnosis.

    Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) uses a strong magnetic field and radiowaves to image the body. MRI is commonly used to examine the brain, spine, joints, abdomen and blood vessels.

    Positron emission tomography (PET) detects chemical and physiological changes related to metabolism, allowing physicians to identify illnesses much earlier than ever before. The Comprehensive Cancer Center is the first in Rhode Island to offer PET.

    PET/CT allows physicians to take advantage of the metabolic data provided by PET and add that to the anatomic detail of CT to produce one image that incorporates most of the advantages of both techniques.

    Ultrasound creates images of the inside of the body using high frequency sound waves and a microphone.