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  • The Healing Arts at Lifespan

  • Hasbro Children's Hospital believes in the healing power of art. Bringing beauty into the health care environment touches our inner spirit and reaches the deeper sources of strength within us.

    When visiting the surgical area, you and your child will see "Going to Doc," by artist Allison Newsome.

    Painting, murals, sculptures and other artwork are found all over the hospital. While improving the aesthetic atmosphere of medical care, studies and personal experience have shown that the arts have contributed significantly to patient healing.

    "Until your staff presented my son with the opportunity to do artwork, he was having a poor recovery. A Museum on Rounds staff member came in carrying an example of a mask that Luke could make.

    "Luke left the hospital the very next day. Art can reach deeper than a mother's wish. It soothes unreachable places in our psyches." -Pam

    To find out more about how your child can participate in Healing Arts please call 401-444-3153 or ask your nurse to contact us for you. 

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