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  • The Miriam Hospital Receives National Accreditations For Nuclear Medicine Laboratories

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    The Miriam Hospital Receives National Accreditations For Nuclear Medicine Laboratories

    The Miriam Hospital has been awarded two nationally recognized accreditations for both its general nuclear medicine and nuclear cardiology laboratories from the Intersocietal Commission for the Accreditation of Nuclear Medicine Laboratories (ICANL). It is one of the first hospital-based nuclear medicine laboratories in the Untied States to achieve this accreditation and be recognized for its high commitment to patient care and excellence in imaging.

    Nuclear medicine can help in the diagnosis and treatment of a multitude of diseases. Using very small amounts of radioactive materials, nuclear medicine studies can provide doctors with essential information about the physiologic function of an organ. Nuclear medicine studies can diagnose or exclude diseases in every major organ system often in earlier stages than other available medical imaging modalities. Therapeutic applications of nuclear medicine include treatment of hyperthyroidism, thyroid cancer, and palliation of pain from bone metastases.

    Each year, more than five million stress nuclear cardiology studies are performed in the United States to assess both the pump function and blood flow of the heart. Nuclear cardiology studies produce images of the heart at work (during exercise) and at rest using a small amount of radioisotope. It is a complex yet noninvasive imaging technique that relies on the experience and training of both the physician and the technologist whose interpretive and technical abilities determine the diagnostic accuracy of the examination.

    Accreditation by ICANL is a voluntary accreditation process involving a rigorous peer review by an independent agency. The Miriam Hospital chooses to participate because ICANL approval demonstrates the hospital's commitment to quality nuclear diagnostic evaluations and ensures the highest standard of care for its patients.

    The ICANL was established with the support of the American Society of Nuclear Cardiology, the Society of Nuclear Medicine, the Society of Nuclear Medicine Technologist Section, the American College of Cardiology, the American College of Nuclear Physicians and the Academy of Molecular Imaging (formerly known as the Institute for Clinical PET).

    The nuclear medicine department at The Miriam Hospital provides a complete package of nuclear cardiology and general nuclear medicine imaging. Overall, the department performs more than 6,000 studies each year.

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    (Posted 04/22/09)

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