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  • Tips on Letting Go of Anger

  • Managing Anger in Teenagers

    Letting Go

    Tips for Teens:

    • Practice forgiveness
    • Accept things you cannot control
    • Change the things you can
    • Simplify (focus on one thing at a time; stop and think!)
    • Utilize the acronym STOP!: Stop, Think, Observe, Problem-Solve
    • Think about the problem-solving pros and cons
    • Build on positives

    Tips for Parents:

    When responding to escalating anger in teens:

    • Maintain you composure
    • Focus your verbal communication on helping your teen become calm
    • Focus your nonverbal communication on helping your teen become calm
    • Avoid criticizing your child's bodily reactions to anger
    • Communicate acceptance of your teen's anger, but rejection of the inappropriate expression of anger
    • Allow the expression of anger, as long as it is done respectfully
    • Allow time for space and "cool down"
    • Avoid being critical, sarcastic or threatening
    • Clearly define your expectations
    • Focus on the positives


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