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  • Preparing for your Surgery

  • Prior to your surgery, you will need to make some preparations. A list of tasks to consider is provided here.

    Your Health

    • Complete any pre-operative appointments you have been asked to schedule. This may be one appointment with your primary care physician or appointments with specialists such as a cardiologist or other provider.

    • If you smoke, try to cut back or, ideally, quit smoking. Smoking can decrease your body's ability to heal after surgery, and if you have smoked for a long time, it can lessen your ability to breathe deeply and prevent pneumonia after surgery.

    • If you have diabetes: Check your blood sugar regularly, and monitor what you eat. High blood sugar after surgery can prevent your body from healing as quickly as it should. Controlling your sugar and being careful about your sugar intake leading up to surgery can help you recover more quickly.

    • Stay active. Continue to remain as active as you can in the weeks leading up to surgery. Strong muscles before surgery will help you succeed at physical therapy after surgery. There is a very simple exercise guide (in the back pocket of this guide) for you to review and begin before your surgery. Please practice these exercises in the weeks leading up to your surgery.

    • Medications: The pre-admission testing team will give you specific instructions about your medications. Follow these instructions. This may mean stopping your supplements and some pain relievers seven to 10 days before surgery.

    Within a Week of Your Surgery

    • Review the paperwork given to you at your pre-admission testing appointment and/or your surgeon's office to ensure you stop any medications that you need to.

    • Do not shave near the area where surgery will take place for one week prior to surgery. Shaving could increase your risk of infection.

    The Day Before Your Surgery

    • Pack for surgery. Use the worksheet titled "What to Bring to The Miriam Hospital" as your guide.

    • Do not eat and drink after midnight the night before surgery.

    • Double-check the medication list given to you at your pre-admission testing appointment and/or by your surgeon. Follow any instructions you were given.

    • Prepare your skin by washing with the Hibiclens soap, following the instructions for use.

    • Try to get a good night's sleep. We will see you tomorrow!

    The Morning of Your Surgery

    • Wash with the Hibiclens soap as instructed.

    • Remember: No shaving near the area where you are having surgery. No writing on your skin. Both of these actions increase your risk for infection and could lead to delays when you arrive for surgery.

    • Before you leave your home, make sure you have removed all jewelry and valuables.

    • Please bring your glasses and dentures with you. We will remove them right before surgery.

    • Make sure that you have your identification and insurance card with you.

    Contact Your Surgeon's Office if:

    • You cannot make it to your surgery on time.

    • You get sick (a cold or flu) or have a fever.

    • You have infected skin, a rash and/or a wound near the area where your surgery will be done.

    • You have questions or concerns about your surgery. If your surgeon's office is closed, please call the Total Joint Center hotline at 401-793-5852.