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    • Travel Medicine
      Planning a Trip?
      Don't leave home without contacting the Travel Medicine Service at The Miriam Hospital.
      Diseases Around the World
      Before you become a world traveler, learn about common illneses native to each continent.
    • Healthy Travel Tips
      Find out what to take with you besides your suitcase.
    • Motion Sickness
      Don't let an upset stomach spoil your travel plans-get tips on how to prevent motion sickness.
    • Do Your Ears Pop?
      Find out why this is a common phenomenom among airplane travelers.

    • Smooth Sailing
      Before you decide to set sail in search of the perfect cruise vacation, here are some tips to make your voyage an enjoyable one.

    • Sailing Injuries
      If you're sailing this summer, you may want to look up, down and all around to avoid some common injuries.

    • Jet Lag
      Jet lag is the exhausted, run-down feeling you may experience after a long flight. Find out how to prevent the feeling of lagging behind.

    • Economy Class Syndrome?
      Deep vein thrombosis occurs when a person stays in the same position, such as sitting on an airplane or in a car, for prolonged periods of time. Here's how you can reduce your risk

    More travel medicine: Don't leave home without it.