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  • Location

    Rhode Island Hospital

    Grosvenor Building

    Providence, RI 02903


    The Grosvenor Building is located directly beside the APC Building.

  • About Gamma Knife Treatment

    Providing Hope to Patients and Their Families

    Gamma knife technology is consistently regarded as the best noninvasive treatment for brain disorders. Benefits include:

    • Targeted treatment of previously inaccessible areas
    • High cure rate
    • Delivery of maximum dose to target area
    • Low risk of damage to nearby healthy tissue
    • Low morbidity
    • Painless treatment
    • Return home the same day
    • High patient satisfaction and quality of life

    Gamma Knife Outcomes

    • Tumors show an effective response in 85 to 98 percent of cases.
    • In more than 80 percent of patients treated for AVMs, the AVMs disappear completely within two years.