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  • Visionary Winter 2012

  • Family Assistants Add Comfort to Emergency Care

    A man pauses just inside the entrance of Newport Hospital's emergency department. His wife was just brought in by ambulance with chest pains and was whisked into the ED for immediate evaluation. He's not sure where he's supposed to go-what he's supposed to do next. All of a sudden, a woman appears at his side, introduces herself as Deborah Walker, and gently guides him to a chair in the waiting room. Here, Deborah explains what is happening to his wife, when he'll be able to go inside to see her, and helps him navigate the inevitable paperwork that accompanies admittance to the emergency department.

    Deborah is a "Family Assistant" at Newport Hospital and for the patients and families she helps, she is an absolute lifesaver. Though not a doctor or a nurse, she and fellow family assistant Deborah Milligan (who goes by her middle name, Lace) have been affectionately dubbed "Cagney and Lacey" by the rest of the ED staff for their ability to provide "backup" in almost any situation.


    Did You Know?

    • Ninety to 100 patients a day-more than 30,000 patients a year-visit Newport Hospital's ED.

    • Newport Hospital's ED is the only care facility on the island that never closes. Its doors are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, every day of the year.

    • The majority of Newport Hospital admissions come from the ED.

    • A wide variety of injuries and conditions are treated in the ED, from sprains, lacerations, and sore throats to heart attacks, strokes, and major trauma. The ED also treats psychological conditions such as anxiety, depression, and psychological crises.

    • Lives are saved in the ED. Patients must be stabilized in the ED before transport to another facility is possible.

    • Babies are delivered in the ED when birth is imminent.

    • Children receive full emergency medical care in the ED. A broad range of pediatric equipment and supplies is always on hand for the treatment of children.


    Celebrate, Honor and Remember Your Loved Ones

    Many of our patients, visitors and generous donors ask us how they can further support the important work of Newport Hospital. Others have shared with us some of the things that they have done to "give back" to the hospital that has given so much to the community. Below are just a few ideas, which provide a marvelous way to honor someone special in your life while positively impacting the quality of health care in your community.

    A Gift in Celebration to mark a special anniversary or occasion and let friends and loved ones know you're thinking of them.

    A Gift of Honor to show your gratitude to a caregiver, or a team of caregivers, for their committed and compassionate service.

    A Gift in Memory to show your sympathy while also helping us deliver the best care possible. Many people make these gifts in lieu of flowers.

    Newport Hospital will send a letter to the honoree, or to the next of kin, to acknowledge your generosity.

    To make a gift in tribute or memory to Newport Hospital, please contact Lianne Pinheiro at 401-845-1617 or


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