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    Are you a people person? Or do you like to work behind the scenes? Find the perfect position for you.
    • Vanderbilt Rehabilitation Center

      • Volunteers are needed for:
      • One-on-one patient support
      • Unit secretary support
      • Craft cart/recreational therapy
      • Horticulture therapy
    • Ambulatory Surgery
      Act as receptionist in ambulatory surgery waiting area, answer phones, stock supplies, transport patients and help to keep families informed of the status of family members.

    • Emergency Department
      Volunteers will provide extra hospitality to patients and their family members in the ED setting. Volunteers will clean equipment, stock supplies, run errands and visit with patients.

    • Materials Management
      Volunteers support the purchasing department with office duties: organize files, type labels, check for outdated materials. There is also a position in the stock room helping to unpack and deliver supplies.

    • Nurse Assistant on Medical/Surgical Units
      Volunteers will pass out drinks, set up bath supplies, support meal time, discharge patients, provide socialization and run errands. There are also clerical duties to support unit secretaries.

    • Comfort Care Team
      Provide proven alternative therapies for alleviating pain and enhancing well being with massage, Reiki and guided imagery. The comfort care volunteers will be trained to offer patients three effective techniques for reducing stress and aiding in relaxation.

    • Gift Shop
      Volunteers staff the gift shop, greeting customers and assisting with purchases.

    • Patient Transport
      Volunteers provide wheelchair transport for patients being discharged. Volunteers must be physically able to push the wheelchairs and enjoy patient contact. .

    • Newspaper Delivery
      Volunteers are needed daily between 11:30  A.M. and 2 P.M. to deliver the daily newspaper to patients' rooms and waiting areas. Route takes approximately one hour.

    • Rolling Library Services
      Rolling Library volunteers bring books, magazines and books on tape to patients having a hospital stay. Volunteers also restock magazines in busy waiting areas throughout the hospital.

    • Hospitality Cart
      Monday through Friday volunteers are needed at 10 A.M. and 2 P.M. to assist dietary staff with the hospitality cart. Volunteers help pass out drinks and snacks to patients and their visitors.

    • Diagnostic Imaging
      Greeters provide personal escort and changing instructions for patients in diagnostic imaging department. Volunteer openings exist Noon to 3 P.M. weekdays.

    • Create A Card
      Assist patients with card-making activity. Fun and interactive way to support patients in the hospital setting.

    For an application and interview, call the volunteer office at 401-845-1635 or e-mail

    What to expect when you volunteer