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  • Protect yourself and your children by taking these simple precautions.

    The most important safety measure is to watch childrenconstantly when they are at the beach or near the pool or any containers of water. Many kids will not call out or splash when they are in danger.

    • Empty containers or kiddie pools as soon as you are finished using them.
    • Always enter the water feet first.
    • Never swim alone, and don't let other adults, teens or children swim alone.
    • Make sure the water is deep enough (at least 9 feet deep, according to the American Red Cross) before jumping in or diving.
    • If you can't swim or don't know CPR, enroll yourself in classes. A significant number of drownings have been prevented because parents had these skills.
    • Don't mix alcohol and water: each year, up to half of all adult drownings are linked to alcohol use.
    • Don't chew gum or eat food while in the water-you could choke.
    • Introduce your kids to the water early. Use bath time to familiarize them with floating and being underwater. Enroll them in swimming and CPR classes.
    • Use regulation life preservers and floatation devices exclusively. Don't rely on water wings or air floats for safety.

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