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  • Your Responsibilities as the Parent of a Guest

  • Bradley Hospital Parenting Guide:
    Teenage Parties

    Your Responsibilities as the Parent of a Guest

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    • Call the host.
      Before giving your teenager permission to attend a party, make sure you, your teen and the host's parents understand the rules. For example, do you all agree that no alcohol will be allowed and that there will be parental supervision?

    • Check the party plans beforehand.
      Know where your child is going and with whom. When taking your teenager to a party, wait to see that he or she is inside the house. If you don't know the host parents, introduce yourself.

    • Make it easy for your teenager to leave a party.
      Make sure you and your teenager have an arrangement that allows him or her to depend on you for transportation if there's drinking or drugs at the party. Urge your teenager never to accept a ride with a driver who has been drinking. You might want to have an agreement on having no punishments or restrictions for a call that lets you know if things are getting out of hand.

    • Stay up to greet your teenager when he or she comes home.
      You'll feel better if you know your child is home safely and you'll be showing you care if you wait up for your teenager. Tell your child you are waiting up out of concern, not because you don't trust him or her to get home on time or because you are suspicious.

    Your responsibilities as parent of the host


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