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Deborah Nordstrom, RN

Vanderbilt Rehabilitation Center

I have been a nurse at Newport Hospital since 1980 and in a permanent position at the Vanderbilt Rehabilitation Center for most of that time. Working with the interdisciplinary rehabilitation team, treating patients with life-altering injuries or illnesses, and then watching their progress in returning to their family and community, is professionally satisfying and rewarding.

Deborah Nordstrom, RN
"I can honestly say I would not want to be working anywhere else."

Vanderbilt rehabilitation nurses fully embrace their roles as caregivers, collaborators, patient advocates, and patient, family and caregiver educators. I can honestly say I would not want to be working anywhere else.

The opportunities to serve hospital-wide councils such as the Staff Nurse Council and The Skin Team help me to be current in my practice. Continuing education is supported through Pearls Review and CE Direct. I have also been fortunate to be able to advance on our clinical ladder. These are just a few of the benefits of working in this Magnet-Designated Community Hospital.

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