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June Martin, RN

I started working at Newport Hospital after graduating from Newport Hospital School of Nursing 35 years ago. I have been working at Newport Hospital as a medical-surgical nurse ever since graduation and have seen and been an active part of many changes over the course of my career.

June Martin, RN

Bedside Nursing Is What I Love to Do

"The satisfaction you feel when someone recognizes that your nursing care made a positive impact on them is so rewarding!"

Considering that Newport Hospital is a small community hospital, we are very fortunate to have nursing administration that strives for and supports excellence in nursing practice and patient care. We are a Magnet hospital and I am extremely proud of that.

I am certified in medical-surgical nursing and this past year I achieved Clinical III status on our clinical ladder. Bedside nursing is what I love to do. It is different every day. My patients vary from those with orthopedic issues to those who have had general surgeries. Some of them require intense nursing care. It is my responsibility to ensure that these patients and their family members have the knowledge and skills they need to ensure that their continuing care needs are met and that they have a speedy, smooth recovery. I feel that Newport Hospital has provided me with the equipment, supplies, and staffing resources I need to provide my patients with safe, high quality nursing care.

Working in the community in which I live is a joy! It is nice to have patients and family members remember you for the care you provided to them or their loved ones. The satisfaction you feel when someone recognizes that your nursing care made a positive impact on them is so rewarding!

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