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Summer Youth Testimonials

Use the slider below to read testimonials from the Summer Youth Employment Program participants.

Melissa C. from the Summer Youth Employment Program

Melissa C.

“Participating in Lifespan’s Summer Youth Employment program has been an exceptionally pleasurable experience. Personally, this encounter has strengthened my passion for helping others in need within the medical field. The weekly workshops that the program offers, provides support in deciphering one’s self and career goals while enhancing one’s performance within themselves”. -Melissa C.

Ishaq M. from the Summer Youth Employment Program

Ishaq M.

“The Lifespan Summer Youth Employment Program changed me and made me a better person. Working in the hospital was a life changing experience because it helped me realize how blessed I am. The is program taught me that it is okay to express yourself and that you should not be afraid of being judged. Overall this was a wonderful experience and I am grateful for this opportunity”. -Ishaq M.

VanNashlee Y. from the Summer Youth Employment Program

VanNashlee Y.

“As a Summer Youth Employee, I have had the opportunity to meet new people, gain new skills, and experience a glimpse of health care. Meeting young adults who aspire to have a career in healthcare reminds me that I am not alone. The charisma and enthusiasm of the staff and summer youth in transport has shown me the beauty of teamwork in health care and how teamwork can make a difference in a person’s life.” -VanNashlee

Jacob A. from the Summer Youth Employment Program

Jacob A.

“My time at Newport Hospital as a Lifespan employee has been extremely rewarding. My placement in the diagnostic imaging department was one of the most in-depth and hands-on experiences that I have had in any work setting. This program has shown me not only another side of the medical field that I likely would have never ventured to on my own, but it has also shown me how important human connection is, no matter the setting” -Jacob A.

Sam A. from the Summer Youth Employment Program

Sam A.

“My time as a Lifespan Summer Youth Employee has been an experience of a lifetime and has shaped my path or the future. As a CNA and part of the Seacole Scholars Program, I was able to utilize many of my job specific skills to provide quality patient care. The workshops that are incorporated in the Summer Youth Employment Program helped me become a more conscious individual and helped me build professional and personal relationships. I learned throughout my time as a Lifespan Summer Youth Employee that I truly belong in the healthcare field, and that I can deliver health with care!.” -Sam A.