Rosetta and Annamaria Izzi, the daughter and granddaughters of a patient in Newport Hospital hospice care, found a loving caregiver in Patricia Johnson, RN, who showed what it means to deliver health with care.

“We were sitting at our dinner table, and my mom suddenly placed her hands on her head, and said her head was hurting,” said Rosetta Izzi. She and her daughter, Annamaria, would soon find themselves in the most difficult situation a family can experience, as Rosetta's mother was rushed to the Newport Hospital emergency room.

“They were wonderful," says Rosetta. “They acted quickly, and were able to diagnose my mother within 20 to 25 minutes.” In the time that followed, Rosetta's mother was referred to Rhode Island Hospital.

The family had to make the difficult decision to bring Rosetta's mother back to Newport Hospital for end-of-life care.

“We received personal attention, great support from all the nursing staff, and they helped us through the process. Being so close as a family, there were things we didn’t know, we had a difficult time saying goodbye. All of the staff at Newport Hospital allowed us to say our goodbyes, and to come and go as we needed.”

"A Wonderful Nurse"

While Rosetta praised the entire staff of care givers at both Rhode Island and Newport hospitals, one nurse stood out. Through one of her family’s most difficult times, Rosetta witnessed the hard work and delicate care brought to her mother and family by the staff of Newport Hospital. While Rosetta praised the entire staff of care givers at Newport hospital, one wonderful nurse stood out. While Rosetta sat in her mother’s room during the day, Rosetta’s daughter, Annamaria, was by her side at night.

“Patty sat with my daughter,” said Rosetta. “Annamaria was taking the night shift, and I would take the day shift. Patty helped her to realize what was happening wither her grandmother; she helped her to understand, and helped her be able to cope with what was going to happen.”

As that difficult week in hospice care neared its close, the Izzis were worried that a significant day for Annamaria—her birthday--would be cast in dour light. Rosetta had told Patty of Annamaria’s birthday, and unbeknownst to the Izzi family, Patty placed an order with the Newport Hospital cafeteria. At around 11 a.m., as Rosetta and Annamaria sat with their beloved family member, a special breakfast tray that included cake, ice cream, and ginger ale was brought in.

“They sang happy birthday to Annamaria, next to [her] Grandma,” said Rosetta. “so Grandma was able to be part of her celebration. “ “To have someone think of me on my birthday, and to recognize the fact that I had a special day even during a difficult time meant a lot,” Annamaria recalled. “I think that was really special and very nice of Patty, because my grandmother stuck around for my birthday, and she was able to be with us for the birthday celebration. That meant a lot.”

The Comfort Quilt

Patty also arranged for a gift of remembrance to be brought to the Rosetta family; she asked the Newport Hospital volunteer department to send three beautiful quilts for the family to choose from. .. These "comfort quilts," are made at Newport Hospital for patients and their families by hospital volunteers.

It was Patty’s wish that Annamaria and Rosetta “put one of these comfort quilts on Grandma, and then when Grandma was no longer with us,” said Rosetta, “it would be Annamaria’s to keep as a memory of her grandmother.” Of the three quilts that were brought up, Rosetta says that that all three were beautiful, “but the second fit my mother to a T,” she says.

“My mother was a very active gardener, and on this quilt were different scenes from a garden and flowers—it just was perfect.”

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