Our Mission

Patient-Centered Care

Patient Centered Care
Patient-centered care is a partnership between you, your physician, and your care team, who work together toward your optimal health.

As an academic medical center, we are at the forefront of research and discovery about diseases and their causes and cures, so you can feel confident about our ability to provide comprehensive, full-service, health care. Lifespan keeps its focus on patients through:

  • Comprehensive Mental Health Care

    Lifespan is committed to integrating high-quality mental health care with primary medical services.

  • Primary and Specialty Care

    We provide high-quality patient care, including excellent primary care to help you prevent illness and manage chronic conditions such as obesity, hypertension and diabetes. Our expertise includes the most advanced specialty care in neurology, cardiology, orthopedics, cancer care, and more.

  • Technology and Infrastructure Improvements 

    Lifespan continually invests in the latest diagnostic and treatment technology, as well as infrastructure, for our patients’ optimal benefit and comfort.

Patient Participation and Feedback

Lifespan has systems in place that safeguard and promote a focus on patients, including:

  • Relationship-based care:  We embrace a nursing model that emphasizes the importance of focusing on you and your unique life circumstances, values, and needs. You can feel confident in the clinical expertise of all our care providers, as well as in their commitment to treating you with respect and empathy.
  • Rounding: Our staff visit patients in their rooms to determine whether we can improve their stays in any way. 
  • Patient and family advisory groups: These groups improve communication between hospital staff and our patients and families, and they allow us to hear your experiences, thoughts, and suggestions directly. They also provide opportunities for parents and family members to support each other.
  • Patient and family surveys: We value your opinions and ask you to participate in surveys that help us measure the quality of our patients' experiences. We regularly report data from our patient surveys to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, which posts results at its Hospital Compare website.

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