Coronavirus (COVID-19)

COVID Self-Testing for Bradley Hospital Team Members

You are expected to review all materials and watch the video linked below. Should you have any questions, please contact your manager.

You must complete a rapid antigen test at the start of your shift. If the test is positive please go home and contact your manager and EOHS immediately.

Instructions for Performing and Interpreting Your Rapid Antigen Test

Celltrion DiaTrust COVID-19 Ag Home Test


QuickVue At-Home OTC Test

Forms and Resources

Frequently Asked Questions

Employee FAQs

Why are we doing this?

To reduce the likelihood of COVID exposure to our patients/ coworkers and prevent the disruption of treatment for patients across Lifespan.

I don’t feel well, but I think it’s just allergies. Can I use the rapid test to confirm I do not have COVID?

No. All symptomatic staff must contact EOHS and complete a PCR test. If you have symptoms, you may still have COVID with a negative antigen test, so it is important to get tested with a PCR test.

I am not sure of the results. What do I do?

Retest. If needed, we can provide you with an additional test. 

Do I have to test before every shift?

Yes. This is an expectation for all direct care staff working on inpatient units, Bradley Center, and CRAFT. Not completing the test before coming into work can result in disciplinary action. 

Is there a committee I can join that answers general questions, updates on evidence-based practices and supports employees?

Consider joining the COVID champions group! 

Email for more information. The group meets on Tuesdays at 4 p.m. via Teams.

Clinical Staff FAQ

I am a unit chief/director. What do I need to do?

Unit Chief/Directors: Each Friday please enter your negative totals on this form:

If you have a positive staff result, please input this data into the form on the same day and be sure the employee has contacted EOHS.

Manager FAQs

My employee had a positive rapid test. Do I need to contact IP for a mitigation plan?

No. We will not consider this an exposure until the positive test is confirmed via PCR. The antigen test sometimes has false positives, so it is important to confirm all positives with a PCR before completing a mitigation plan.   

What do I do with my employee results?

Every day, each unit will report their results via the employee COVID testing Microsoft form. You will need to report:

  • The total number of tests completed
  • The total number of positive tests 
  • Contact information for positive employees 

Managers will be responsible to complete this information.

Where can I get tests?

  • Leadership will request and receive the approximate the number of tests needed for one weeks’ time. 
  • Every Friday, supplies will be distributed from room 301 from noon to 1 p.m. 
  • Each program will send a representative to room 301 to obtain their supply
    • If you should need extra tests between these dates, they will be kept in Dr. Mary Sullivan's office.
    • Hospital supervisors will have a small number of tests in their office should an employee need one off hours.